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One Stop Shop.

It is not easy for enterprise to design a cost effective regional network. For example, if the decision maker is in Singapore, he or she might not understand the ISP in the region and end up paying very low price for Singapore circuits but extreme high price for its regional networks. Agora is here to help out, with our strong relationships with the carrier around the region, we believe we can help enterprise to cut off all these unnecessary costing.

Regional Network

We partner with incumbent carriers & fibre operators and deliver International Ethernet Private Link (IEPL) to connect Singapore to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand & Myanmar. With our experince in designing regional network, we strongly believe that we can help you to save cost and deliver the most reliable regional network to you.

Managed Services

Outsource your data centre co-locations to us. We provide smart hands services and will help you to run BERT test for every circuits you provisioned to your customers. We help overseas carriers to setup Virtual POP in Singapore and help them to save cost!

Burstible Bandwidth Solution

For enterprise customers who needs innovative bandwidth solution. You can start with a 10Gbps network port without buying the full 10Gbps bandwidth capacity. You can subscribe to our Burstible bandwidth solution, where you can commit at a lower bandwidth and pay for excess bandwidth when you have high bandwidth usage in a particular month.

Recent Projects

Burstible Bandwidth Solution to the Hotel Customers

This Hotel customer's bandwidth usage is normally around 40Mbps on average per month. However, there are a few months, the hotel will hold some Corporate Events and the invited guests will need to use Wireless Internet provided by the hotel. During those month, the bandwidth usage might shoot up to more than 90Mbps. Agora can provide a burstible bandwidth solution where the hotel customer will commit only the average bandwidth, and only pay more on the month that they use excess bandwidth.

Real Singapore to Malaysia IEPL Protection

Our Enterprise customer needed to identify any single point of failure. We deliver a SG-Malaysia network that utilized both Tuas and JB/Woodland Causeway bridge. The SLA given is 100% with rebates. That's how aggressive Agora can be. Agora works with five major fibre operators in Malaysia, i.e. Telekom Malaysia, Fiberail, Fibrecomm, Maxis and TimeDotCom.

Multi-Telco Internet Bandwidth Solutions

With all the users, servers, IoT devices on our customer's network, you cannot have a downtime at all for these customers. In order to achieve that 100% SLA, we need to provide a solution with diversity on Network Supplier, Equipment, fibre routes, etc. Agora, being a Telco-Neutral ISP, we are able to provide multi-ISP solution to our customers. The one stop shop make it easy for them to implement multi-Telco network.

Managed Smart Hand Services

One of our customers wanted to setup a Virtual POP in a famous data center in Singapore. Being one of the newest customer to the data center operators, this customer need to pay high rental for both rack spaces and cross connection. Agora delivers cost effective solutions for this customer by providing cheaper racks spaces, cross connection fees and smart hands services. The managed smart hand services even help you to do bandwidth testing such as 24 hours BER test and RFC2544 test on the fibre link. We are your hands and legs in this data center.